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(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

(Des Moines, Iowa) — Hispanics are expected to outpace blacks to become the electorate’s largest nationwide racial or ethnic minority group for the first time on Election Day 2020.

But a preview of the voting bloc’s power may come during the Democratic primary, whose calendar could allow it to have an even greater effect.

Hispanics are 30% of the population in Nevada, which is the third state voting.   And California and Texas, home to 13-plus million eligible Hispanic voters, are among 14 “Super Tuesday” primaries 10 days later.

That means candidates who can win consistent Latino support could secure a survival path through the primary’s frantic opening weeks, as the 23-candidate field winnows.

Some 4,051 Democratic delegates are up for grabs, and nearly 500 of those will be in California alone. Texas has 260-plus.