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What to look for on Smart Talk Wednesday, November 28, 2018:

Led by the Philadelphia-based Clean Air Council, a group of 61 petitioners is calling on state regulators to establish a cap-and-trade program in Pennsylvania to reduce carbon emissions that contributes to climate change.  The Constitutional Amendment that says Pennsylvanians have a right to clean air and water is the tool they’re using to force the issue.

Appearing on Wednesday’s Smart Talk to discuss what could be a significant action are John Dernbach, Commonwealth Professor of Law and Sustainability, Director of the Environmental Law and Sustainability Center, Widener University Commonwealth Law School and Marie Cusick, StateImpact Pennsylvania reporter.

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Marie Cusick and John Dernbach


Also, a Pennlive investigative series into nursing homes is garnering attention for exposing problems in what’s often called a broken system.

In 2015, the state attorney general filed a lawsuit against several nursing home chains after findings of widespread mismanagement and failing to provide basic care. At the time, the Pennsylvania Health Department promised a “crack down” of the offending companies, but an eight-month PennLive investigation has found that little has improved.

Joining Smart Talk to discuss the report is Pennlive investigative series managing producer Ron Southwick

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Ron Southwick