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Sponsoring a chapter

Your alma mater needs you!

If you have been asking, “Where is the younger generation in this debate?” then ask yourself, “What am I doing to help them find their voice?”

Politics is a game of money and power.  It’s no secret that college students and recent graduates lack these resources.  Your help sponsoring a PASLAN chapter can give them the opportunity to cultivate their own voice and find their power within our political system.

The Pennsylvania Student Legislative Action Network is committed to helping students leverage their power as educated citizens to effect change at the local level.  Now we need you to help support them in this effort.

Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter Policies

Chapters are free to pursue any legislation that falls within our mission of  improving the commonwealth’s social welfare or tangibly contributing to the public good.  If a chapter chooses to advocate for policies that the organization feels is outside this purview, they will not receive a PASLAN adviser and will not be allowed to use the PASLAN name.  They are free to use any of our resources that are freely available online.

What Other Benefits Do PASLAN Chapters Receive?

PASLAN chapters have access to to a PASLAN adviser and to some of the restricted online resources, such as our database, that allow chapters to more effectively organize.  Our online database allows PASLAN chapters to easily track their discussions with legislators while also giving them access to view the correspondences other chapters have had with the same legislators.

How Is PASLAN Funded?

PASLAN is funded by individual and institutional donors.  We are currently fundraising to get this program started.  If you, or someone you know, would like to make a contribution to the Pennsylvania Student Legislative Action Network, please email us at info@paslan.org

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