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FILE PHOTO: A statue of of Pvt. George Shannon stands in Lindy, Neb. next to a plaque commemorating the Lewis and Clark expedition. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

(Clarksville, Ind.) — A historic site in southern Indiana is now part of a new 1,200-mile expansion of the Lewis and Clark Historic Trail.

The News and Tribune reports national, state and local leaders gathered Monday at the Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center in Clarksville to officially recognize the trail’s expansion.

Sen. Todd Young, who sponsored legislation about the designation, called it “a magnificent day.”

The expanded recognition includes areas in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and new portions of trail in Illinois and Missouri. It will start at the Ohio River in Pittsburgh.

The expedition across the western U.S. by explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark officially started in 1804, but Lewis and Clark met up a year earlier in Clarksville, Indiana, as they prepared for the journey. One new sign notes that meeting.