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Your Legislative Strategy

Who are your champions?

All legislation needs legislative champions in the House and Senate.  Your chapter will need to devise a strategy for finding your champions.  Champions of a bill are legislators who want to see your legislation pass and are willing to help you organize their fellow legislators in order to get that done.  There are several other stakeholders you’ll want to consider as you move through the legislative process.  Building relationships is key to getting your legislation passed through committee and passed on the floor.

Optimize Your Advocacy

Who holds the power in the legislator to pass your bill?

There are a number of gatekeepers in the government who are important to identify and work with if you want to see your legislation passed.  The House and Senate are only part of the strategy.  In order to pass your legislation your chapter will need to reach out to relevant executive agencies, the governor, community groups and the affected stakeholders.

Align your advocacy with legislative priorities

Everyone in Harrisburg has an agenda.

How will your chapter align your efforts to the legislative priorities of the power brokers in Harrisburg?  The only way your chapter will get your legislation heard in committee and and on the floor is if leadership understands how your bill fits within their larger legislative agenda.

Get the governor on your side

Who steers the ship?

The governor is important, regardless of whether the governor is seen favorably by the broader legislature.  If you can find a way to get the governor’s office to see your bill as a priority item, you will have an advocate for your bill far more powerful than anyone else in Harrisburg.  Additionally, when the governor talks about your legislation, the media will too.

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