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Photo by (Elson Li/HK01 via AP)

A protester stands in the midst of tear gas during confrontation with police in Hong Kong during the early hours of Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019. Hong Kong protesters ignored police warnings and streamed past the designated endpoint for a rally Saturday in the latest of a series of demonstrations targeting the government of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

(Hong Kong) — Police in Hong Kong say they will use a colored liquid spray to distinguish pro-democracy protesters from other members of the public. 

The police said in a statement Sunday that the spray is edible and harmless, but will stay on skin and clothes as a way of marking demonstrators.

Police added that the dye can also be applied to tear gas, which authorities have used to disperse crowds of protesters.

Another weekend of protests in Hong Kong continues as demonstrators mobilize to occupy different neighborhoods in an effort to stay one step ahead of riot police.

Residents in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory have held mass demonstrations for nearly two months to demand direct elections and greater government accountability.