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Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims filmed an encounter with a protester at a Philadelphia Planned Parenthood facility, then posted the video. As she studiously ignored him, Sims tells viewers the woman had been confronting the people who were walking into the clinic. (AP file photo)

(Philadelphia) — A Pennsylvania state lawmaker who’s drawn criticism for a recording of himself berating an anti-abortion demonstrator outside a Planned Parenthood clinic is promising to “do better.”

Democratic state Rep. Brian Sims on Tuesday posted a two-minute video on Twitter, saying that “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Sims says he was “aggressive” in the recording made last week in which he peppered the unidentified woman with comments and questions, calling her actions disgusting.

The chairman of the state Republican Party released Tuesday a letter he sent to the state attorney general and the U.S. attorney in Philadelphia, asking them to investigate what he calls potentially criminal conduct in that video and another.

In the second video, Sims asked viewers to identify three young women protesters outside the Planned Parenthood clinic.