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PASLAN is dedicated to transparency and open sharing of resources, however when it comes to developing relationships with legislators, there is nothing better than crowd sourcing your information of each interaction you’ve had with their office. For obvious reasons, these cannot be made fully public.

PASLAN chapter members get access to the PASLAN Legislator Resource Manager (LRM) that allows all chapter members to setup meetings, find phone numbers, record interactions with legislators and their offices allowing all PASLAN chapter members to benefit when preparing for legislative meetings.

PASLAN chapter members also get access to the PASLAN Slack Channel, where you can always reach out to an adviser for help.  Or contact other PASLAN chapter members and coordinate strategy and share resources, saving everyone time!

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Dush Launches Bid for Auditor General

A third Republican enters the race for Auditor General. State Rep. Cris Dush (R-Jefferson) formally announced a bid for the statewide office on Wednesday morning. “After announcing my commitment to honor my pledge to only serve three terms in the House...

Kenney Campaigns for Warren in New Hampshire

The mayor of Pennsylvania’s largest city hit the campaign trail on behalf of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign. On Tuesday, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney visited New Hampshire in an effort to boost Warren’s campaign. It was...

Let’s talk about giving birth behind bars

Contexters, we need to have a chat. I was just informed that Groundhog Day is a thing in Pennsylvania. And I don’t mean a passing *thing* — I mean *a thing*! In most places I’ve lived, the furry shadow-fearer is just a brief...

January 24th Ups & Downs

A Philadelphia Democrat faces prison time one month after resigning from office, social media posts in a Congressional and state House race makes news for local news outlets, plus the House Minority Leader offers an endorsement in the crowded PA8 GOP primary. All of...

January 24th Playbook

House Speaker Mike Turzai announces that he will not seek reelection in 2020, while Sean Parnell is set to headline the PA GOP Winter Dinner tonight. Here is the Playbook.  Turzai Announces Retirement: The Allegheny County Republican who has served as...

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