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(Harrisburg) — Midstate counties are cautioning people this week’s heat wave could be dangerous.

While the thermometer may read 90-something, the National Weather Service says it will feel even hotter going into this weekend, with heat index values as high as 105 degrees at times.

Such intense heat can be harmful, especially for people with health conditions or disabilities, children, and seniors.

Common symptoms of heat-related illness include a fever, flushed and sweaty skin and extreme thirst. County officials are asking residents to limit outdoor activities during the day and stay hydrated to avoid illness. 

The Dauphin County Area Agency on Aging is offering fans and air conditioners to seniors who qualify for services. Those who need help can call 717-780-6130.

Dauphin County Commissioner Mike Pries said they’ve distributed 20-50 units during previous heat waves. He’s expecting more this time around. 

“A lot of times folks are too proud to call and ask for help. This is not a time to do that,” Pries said.

He added anyone who needs assistance should reach out.

“Now, if someone’s in a life or death situation…we’re going to call 911. If they’re not in a life or death situation, we’re not going to turn people away,” Pries said.” If children are in the home, et cetera, we’ll hook them up with another county agency to provide assistance.”

Dauphin, York, and Lebanon counties say people can take shelter from the heat in area senior centers.