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PASLAN is currently looking to establish a campus chapter at Temple University!  If you want to join the Temple PASLAN chapter, Let Us Know!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pennsylvania Student Legislative Action Network is an organization dedicated to educating and empowering college students to effect change at the commonwealth level through grassroots organizing and citizen lobbying.

PASLAN is an independent, non-partisan, 501c4 pending organization.  We have no agenda other than helping you explore the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's political landscape.

PASLAN supports student groups that advocate for legislation divorced from the profit motive that private lobbyists bring to their efforts.  PASLAN groups seek only to contribute to the betterment of the commonwealth’s social welfare and public good.

Chapter Policies

Chapters are free to pursue any legislation that falls within our mission of contributing to the commonwealth’s social welfare or public good.  If a chapter chooses to advocate for policies that the organization feels are outside this purview, PASLAN may decline to sponsor the group and may disallow their usage of certain PASLAN resources. 

What Other Benefits Do PASLAN Chapters Receive?

PASLAN chapters have access to to a PASLAN adviser and our Legislative Resource Manager (LRM), which allows chapters to more effectively organize and lobby legislators throughout the capitol.  The LRM easily tracks discussions with legislators allowing your interaction to be added to the information shared by the larger organization.  Everyone contributes, everyone gains!  PASLAN chapter members also have access to the PASLAN Slack Channel allowing them to easily organize their chapters, talk to members of other chapters and contact advisers for help throughout the process easily.

How Is PASLAN Funded?

PASLAN is funded by individual and institutional donors, you don't need to pay a dime.  What we're looking for is a dedicated group of students willing to stick it out through the messy legislative process.  If you can get 10-15 people together, we'll do our best to support you in your legislative endeavor.  We are currently fundraising to get this program started.  If you, or someone you know, would like to make a contribution to the Pennsylvania Student Legislative Action Network, please email us at info@paslan.org

PASLAN at Temple

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