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A voter casts his ballot on primary election day, Tuesday, May 16, 2017 in Chambersburg. (Photo: Markell DeLoatch, Public Opinion)

(Harrisburg) — Voters in two state House districts will select lawmakers to fill unexpired terms.

The special elections being held today are for seats occupied most recently by Democrats, Lackawanna County Represenative Sid Michaels Kavulich and Philadelphia Representative Vanessa Lowery Brown.

Kavulich died in office in October.

Lowery Brown resigned after being sentenced to probation in November for a bribery conviction.

Both were re-elected when they ran unopposed in the November election.

Republicans hold the House majority with 110 members. Democrats have 93 seats, including the two vacancies.

In Kavulich’s Scranton-area district, Democrat Bridget Malloy Kosierowski is running against Republican Frank Scavo.

Candidates for Lowery Brown’s west Philadelphia seat are Democrat Movita Johnson-Harrell, Republican Michael Harvey, Amen Brown with the Amen Brown Party and Pamela Williams with the Working Families Party.